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Manufacturers of Square Tin Cans and Speciality Tin Cans.

About Us

In the beginning…

… There was an idea. It was the year 1938. As the British Raj gradually approached its twilight years of reign in the country, India was waking up to the potential of a whole new world with countless opportunities. Entrepreneurs sprung up everywhere and one of these many wonderful success stories was born inside a little garage in Byculla.

Three brothers came up with the idea of starting a metal packaging company. Late Shri Mohammad Hussain, Late Shri Sultanali & Late Shri Alihussain, sons of the Barodawala family, understood the infinite possibilities of what many would dismiss as mundane metal - tin. Thus was born Zenith Tin Works. The three brothers, blessed with great entrepreneurial vision and a firm desire to succeed in a pioneering venture, worked hard to ensure that the company moved from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the foremost packaging companies in the country.

Over the years, the Barodawala family has produced generations of talented and enterprising entrepreneurs, who have constantly strived to take the company to great heights. Today, with offices in Mumbai and Gujarat, Zenith Tin Works (or Zenith Tins Pvt. Lmt. as we are now called) continues its journey towards creating superior packages for patrons around the world.

Zenith Tins Private Limited is a one-stop solution for all your metal packaging needs. Among the foremost printed tin can manufacturers in India, we cater to a range of high-profile clients and produce a wide variety of tin packages, depending on the requirements of the product. We are great believers in the vast potential of metal and have, time and again, executed the most challenging projects to prove the versatility of tin packaging.

Since its establishment in a humble garage, Zenith Tins has grown by leaps and bound. Today, with offices in Maharashtra and Gujarat and an impressive roster of clients, we can count ourselves among the best in the business. Under the aegis and vision of the present Chairman of the company, Mr. H.A. Barodawala, we have taken our operations beyond our shores, with clients across the world. Our operations and infrastructure has been certified with the prestigious ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 22000 (Food Safety) certifications in 2010.

Our industrial units, spread over 50,000 sq.ft, boast of high-end and up-to-date equipment that enable us to produce an array of packages, depending upon the requirements of our clients. Creating quality products is our foremost priority; our operations are overseen by experts and our products are tested at every level before they reach the clients. The excellence of our products are reflected in the many awards we have received for packaging excellence, from the Tinplate Promotion Council of India, over the years.

No wonder that enterprises from far and wide reach out to us for their tin packaging needs.

The Way Forward...

We aspire to evolve a set-up, which will be able to provide top of the line tin and metal packaging to clients everywhere, irrespective of their wide-ranging needs and specifications. We are striving to bring in the latest packaging technologies to our set-up, to create newer and more innovative solutions in tin casing. We hope to continually create products that are kind to the environment, helpful to society and supportive of sustainable development.

Along with our own accession, we also seek to lend a hand to the tin and metal packaging industry in the country so that India becomes a sought-after destination for clients from across the world.


Zenith Tins