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Awards & Accolades

A well-produced package, which blends utility, economy and aesthetics, and a satisfied clientele, is often reward enough for our hard work. However, it’s always a great delight to be specially recognised for good performance and at Zenith our products assure us of such joys constantly.

Over the years, Zenith Tins have won a number of awards for the various packages we have crafted for our clients. Our products haven’t been mere packing devices; they have been a testimony to our drive for excellence and meticulous production planning for each of our creations.

We are proud and humbled to have won 30 National Awards for excellence in printing and design, including the India Star and the WorldStar packaging awards, Can of the Year and the prestigious CLIO Award for Best Packaging. Each of these esteemed prizes has been a pat on our backs and an added impetus to work harder and produce even better products.