Zenith Tins : Specialises in the Manufacture of High Quality Tin Containers, Metal Containers, Food Cans and Food Packaging Solutions.

Tin Cans Manufacturing India.

Our Infrastructure

Undoubtedly, the credit for the quality of our products and the speed at which we deliver lies in the machines in which we invest so painstakingly. We believe in providing excellent metal printing services in the shortest period possible. We have two plants, one in Nerul (Navi Mumbai) and the other in Chhani (Vadodara), both of which are fully equipped with high-end equipments, produced in India as well as abroad.

The Primex P-452, one of our major apparatus, is a product of Fuji Kikai Kogo Co. Ltd, one of the biggest Japanese enterprises in this sector. Set up in our Nerul plant, this two-colour high speed offset metal decorating machine is capable of printing up to a whopping 7,500 sheets an hour (125 sheets each minute).

Equally efficient is our coating machine, the Primex-C452, also a product of Fuji Kikai Kogo Co. Ltd. This high-speed device can finish working on 140 sheets per minute, which adds up to a gigantic 8,400 sheets per hour.

Zenith Tins is the first and only Indian company to have installed these two machines. With our appliances at work, your metal printing and packaging work will be completed in a jiffy.

Besides these, both our manufacturing facilities are equipped with high quality automatic and semi-automatic body-makers and presses. Not only do we have state-of-the-art machinery procured from renowned companies such as Soudronic (Switzerland), Mechnelonic and Mercury (both from India), we have even developed our own machines to further your packaging projects most efficiently.

We understand the important of an aesthetically-pleasing and well-crafted package, which is why we have facilitated our tool rooms to deliver even the most complex dyeing and production projects easily and efficiently.